Photo Gallery 1

Sample of show pictures from 2008.  Click the thumbnail to enlarge

Text Box: Massed Pipes

Reading Scottish & Many Guests

Text Box: Mairi MacInnes
Text Box: Highland Dance

Acushla Dance School

Text Box: Olivia McLennan

Lone Piper

Text Box: Brass Band

Bournemouth Concert Brass

Text Box: Ailis O’Dowda

Irish Dance Champion

Text Box: Scottish Dance

Bournemouth RSCDS, Southsea Reel Club, B’mouth Caledonian Soc

Text Box: Finale
Text Box: Boyle O’Dowda

Irish Dance Academy

Text Box: Glenfinnan Standard

Ian McLennan carrying Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s Standard

Text Box: Finale
Text Box: Massed Pipes

Stuarts, Jacobites & Bonnie Prince Charlie

Date: 2008

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Tickets 2009

£15, Groups 10+, Leisurecards £14


Phone:01722 332233



Ferneham Hall Box Office 01329 231942



City Hall

Box Office 01722 434434





End of show at Fareham 08

1st Half Finale 2008

Highland Singing Star

From South Uist

Reading Scottish & Many Guests