Part III

Our finalé was all it was cracked up to be. 525 coincidence the exact average of the other three shows!  Scotland's "Best Live Act 2003" lived up to their reputation and we all went "Forward with Scotland's Past".  The band's musicianship is faultless and the blend of instruments fantastic.  It was great to end with some super piping too.  The show ended with very loud rhythmic clapping and shouts for more.  What more could one ask?  The band then proceeded to sell many, many copies of their CDs and a smiling Alan Reid left a happy man.  It was the last night of the tour and the members went North, West and East after arranging to meet up for recording  

Battlefield Band

Téada &

Boyle-O’Dowda Irish Dance


High Quality Celtic Entertainment at lowest prices

Celtic Trilogy Part I

téada had their biggest ever audience and sold more of their CDs than ever before (by a distance).  They were very polite lads and it was a pleasure to meet them.  They were chatting to the audience after the show and are a credit to Ireland.  We added the outstanding Irish Dancers from the Boyle-O’Dowda Academy for a superb Irish Night.

Part II

· Here's what the Entertainment Journal said: "Kathryn left a warm glow and happy memories of beautiful music played by first rate musicians.  Their interplay seemed instinctive.  They really could have played all night.  An evening of magic and charm." Roger Ellliott 

Kathryn Tickell Band

Britain's Internationally acclaimed Northumbrian Piper/Fiddler

Tickets 2009

£15, Groups 10+, Leisurecards £14


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