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Who is Ian McLennan?


Born in Reading of Scottish and English parentage, Ian moved to Salisbury, with BT, in 1980. Married to Virginia a Pipe Band Drum Major and daughter Olivia a first class piper, Ian helped raise funds for the Ringwood pipe band, by staging an event known as the "Wessex Tattoo". This raised many thousands of pounds for the band equipped them with new Summer and Winter uniforms and increased their public exposure.  Ian was elected chairman of the band, although is no longer associated with them.  


In 1995, Ian was elected as a Salisbury District Councillor, representing Laverstock Ward.  This was the first time that a Labour candidate had been elected in Laverstock.  Ian is extremely proud to have retained the seat in 1999 and also to top the poll in 2003 and 2007 in the newly created Laverstock and Clarendon Park Ward.  After serving a year as Vice Chairman, in the newly elected council, Ian is Chairman of Salisbury District Council for its final year 2008/9 which sadly ends on 31 March 2009, when a Unitary Council for Wiltshire is created.


After more than 29 years with BT where work as a senior manager was concentrated on managing Customer Service Centres, thwarting BT's competitors and Marketing such concepts as "Friends and Family", Ian decided to opt for a change of career and became a full time Entertainment Promoter  in January 1999, with his first promotion, ‘The Scottish Tattoo at The Royal Albert Hall taking place in the April of that year.……………………………………………………………………………………….

The Scottish Tattoo

If you are going to change career, you need something to take your mind off the lost earnings.  Ian's first venture was to create "The Scottish Tattoo at the Royal Albert Hall" 

Ian scripted, staged and promoted the show, which drew together 400 performers for a spectacular show in the worlds best venue.  This has been repeated on four separate occasions to date, each show carrying a unique storyline to launch the music, song and dance of Scotland and Ireland. The aims of the show being to bring Scottish history and culture to a wide audience in the best venue.


Not content with the Royal Albert Hall, Ian immediately organised a short tour of Southern venues which, over time has spread all over England and Scotland.  In each case, only the very best venues are used to stage the show.  Some stars perform throughout the tour and some are local to the venue city/town.


Venues in which The Scottish Tattoo has been performed to date:

London, Royal Albert Hall (x4), Salisbury City Hall (Annually), Southampton - Guildhall, Mayflower Theatre, Bournemouth - International Centre (x4), Basingstoke - The Anvil (x2), Portsmouth - Guildhall (x2), Guildford - Civic, Birmingham - Symphony Hall (x2), Nottingham - Royal Concert Hall, Liverpool - Royal Philharmonic Hall, Manchester - Palace Theatre, Sheffield - City Hall and in Scotland, Glasgow - Royal Concert Hall (x2) and Edinburgh - Usher Hall.  Ferneham Hall, Fareham (x3)


Ian's other ventures

For variety, Ian has staged a number of different shows in Salisbury City Hall. Always with the aim of bringing Scottish and Celtic culture to the wider audience.  "Music of the Celts", the Celtic band Sine, Scots Gaidhlig (Gaelic) singing, renowned Cornish band Anao Atao and a pipe band.

"Great British & Irish Music & Dance" comprising Champion Brass, Scottish Piping inc small pipes, Irish Dance and a welsh champion male voice choir.

"Burns Night" with top Scottish band "The Tannahill Weavers".

In 2004, under the LetsGO-Show.com banner, Ian brought Blazin'Fiddles, tιada, Kathryn Tickell and the Battlefield Band to Salisbury City Hall.

 2005 Saw the appearance of Danϊ, Fiddlers' Bid & Cherish the Ladies before the revival of The Scottish Tattoo in 2006